• 6 Ways To Make Money With Ikonart

    27th Apr 2022

    6 Ways To Make Money With Ikonart

    Crafting can get expensive. There are just so many fun tools and techniques to try! So it makes sense to turn your money-sucking hobby into a money-making craft adventure and the Ikonart Custo…

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  • Ikonart Around The Web

    21st Dec 2021

    Ikonart Around The Web

    It has been a little over a year since we last highlighted some of our amazing crafters and all the unique ways they use the Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit to create one-of-a-kind projects. We h…

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  • Storing Ikonart Stencils

    15th Nov 2021

    Storing Ikonart Stencils

    The best way to keep your stencils (and pre-exposed film) in top condition is to store them properly. This will help ensure that your stencils are flat and protected when they're not in use. In this p…

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  • How To Make Food Safe Stencils

    3rd Nov 2021

    How To Make Food Safe Stencils

    Ikonart stencils can be made safe for food contact applications by applying a barrier coating of  Ikonart Stencil Glaze to both sides of the imaged Ikonart stencil. To make the glaze you dis…

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  • Crafting as a Family

    22nd Oct 2021

    Crafting as a Family

    Denise Rodriguez with West Avenue Crafts makes home décor accessories that are on trend, simple, and enjoyable to make (and to look at!). She recently discovered how easy and rewarding it is t…

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