Demo Videos

Ikonart Stencils can be made in three easy steps: Print, Expose, Rinse. Watch the videos below to see how easy it is to create and use custom stencils at home, or head to our YouTube channel for more project ideas and how-to videos.

Ikonart Overview

The Ikonart Custom Stencil Making Kit allows you to turn any artwork you want into a reusable mesh stencil with adhesive on the back that you can use on wood, glass, ceramic, clay, acrylic, cookies, chalkboards and more for all your DIY crafting dreams.  

Ikonart: Start To Finish

In this tutorial Fawn Giese with Ikonart Stencil covers the entire process of using Ikonart, including designing the artwork, printing, making the Ikonart stencils and using the stencils.

Beginners Guide to Ikonart
Lynn Lilly with Craft Box Girls gives beginners her best tips and tricks on how to be successful when using your Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit for the first time.

In this video Lynn covers: what's in the kit, printing your artwork, exposing/creating a stencil, using your custom stencil to make a chalkboard sign,  and more!

Making Your First Ikonart Stencil

In this guest video Karen Fraser with Nici Handmade shows us how she makes a reusable Ikonart silkscreen stencil. She not only shows HOW to do it, but explains WHY she is doing each step. This video is perfect for anyone who is feeling intimidated making their first stencil! She shows everything in real time, including washout, so you can easily follow along.


PLEASE NOTE: Our Exposure Stand was updated in Oct 2020 and the black cardboard is NOT needed anymore. 

DIY Screen Printing Made Easy
Our Ikonart Textile Film is the smartest, fastest, easiest way to screen print at home.

In this short promo video you can see how easy it is to make custom silk screen stencils that don't require any weeding! Making custom shirts has never been easier.

Etch Glass with Ikonart
In this video Fawn shows you how easy it is to etch glass using Ikonart Stencils and Etchall Etching Créme.

She also includes how to color your etched design using colored wax.

One Stencil, Multiple Shirts
Jennifer with Pigskins & Pigtails used one stencil to screen print multiple shirts without washing out the stencil in between uses. 

Jennifer is an expert in screen printing with vinyl, but weeding a design like this would take forever. Ikonart to the rescue!

DIY Anthropologie Curtains
Jennifer from The Craft Patch recreated some curtains that she wanted using Ikonart. The results are stunning! Watch the video or read the full blog post.