ikonart custom stencil kit for making reusable stencils

Ikonart Custom Stencil Making Kit

It's time to unleash your creativity with the Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit. This revolutionary kit includes everything needed to turn your custom designs into reusable silkscreen stencils that can be used for home decor, wood signs, DIY screen printing shirts, custom mugs or tumblers, and so much more.

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"This kit has quickly become an asset for my creative business. Being able to customize stencils for my customers and for my workshops is such a game changer. Easy setup and easy to use."
- Jesi Shelton, Jesi's Place -

Custom Stencils in 3 Easy Steps

Making your own reusable  stencils has never been easier. Just print your design, expose your stencil using the Ikonart Exposure Stand, and rinse out your stencil film to reveal your design. That's it! No weeding vinyl required.

ikonart custom stencil kit and bundles


Turn any artwork you want into a reusable stencil with Ikonart. It's great for logos, personalized wood signs, custom chalkboard signs, DIY screen printing and unique gifts.

ikonart stencil film and ikonart textile film


Ikonart Stencil Films have a silk screen mesh embedded in the film. This mesh holds all your fine details together, which means no more weeding vinyl stencils.

ikonart stencil accessories reusable stencils


After you washout your Ikonart stencil, you can reuse it to create multiple projects. Making shirts, mugs, throw pillows, wood signs and more just got easier.

"I give the Ikonart kit, instructions, and customer service five stars. If you have been using a vinyl cutter to make signs, Ikonart will be a game changer for you."
- Kimberly Bradley -

photo gallery and project ideas for ikonart stencil making kit


Ikonart Stencils can be used on a wide variety of surfaces. We are constantly amazed at the different ways crafters use our stencils! 

fawn and edie teamfawntaine ikonart smart screen stencils


Every great product needs a great team behind it. Fawn and Edie are here to help you every step of the way as you begin your Ikonart journey.

free svg artwork for ikonart custom stencil kit


Get started with Ikonart with our free SVGs (free for personal and commercial use). Each free artwork file also includes a project idea. 

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