Ikonart Stencils can be used on a wide variety of surfaces... we are constantly amazed at the different ways our crafters use our stencils! Get project ideas and more when you follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Also make sure to join our Ikonart Crafters Facebook Group for tips, tricks and project ideas from other crafters using Ikonart.

This gallery shows just a few of the many ways that Ikonart can be used. If you're not sure what medium to use with your Ikonart stencils check out our Paint & Ink Selection Guide which breaks down our recommendations by surface type. 

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Click on an image below for more information about each Ikonart project. 

Ikonart on Wood

Ikonart on Fabric

Ikonart on Ceramic

Ikonart on Chalkboards

Ikonart on Cookies

Ikonart on Glass

Ikonart on Metal

Ikonart on Clay

Ikonart on Paper

Ikonart with Torch Paste

Ikonart with Etchall