12 Ikonart Projects on 1 Sign with DIY Chalk Paste

12 Ikonart Projects on 1 Sign with DIY Chalk Paste

18th Jan 2023

I have limited storage space at my house for holiday decor. Can you relate? I just don't have the room to store different signs and decor for every single holiday or season. Enter DIY stencils made with the Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit and DIY chalk paste made with Coco's Chalky Powder.

I love using chalk paste for my signs because I can remove it and swap out my decor whenever I want. I found this metal sign at Hobby Lobby and I make my own chalk paste using Coco's Chalky Powder. Now I can just make any holiday or seasonal stencil I want using my Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit and then I can swap out my sign whenever I feel like it. 

How To Use 1 Sign for 12 Projects with Ikonart Stencils and DIY Chalk Paste

My favorite part about using Ikonart stencils and DIY chalk paste for my one sign is that I am saving so much storage space! I can still decorate for each season or holiday, but I only need to have this ONE sign. My stencils barely take up any room to store so all I need is a little paint and of course my Coco's Chalky Powder to turn this sign into anything I want. Here are 12 different holiday and seasonal signs that I have made using just this one sign.

January: New Year New You Sign with Ikonart Stencils

January is a time for new resolutions, new goals, and new beginnings. Remind yourself that the best is yet to come with this wintery sign. Download our free Best Is Yet To Come SVG and watch this video to see us make this sign. 

February: Happy Valentine's Day Sign with Ikonart Stencils

February is the month of love! Celebrate ALL the love in your life from friends, family, coworkers, kids and pets with this reminder that love dwells within us all. Download our free Love Dwells Here SVG and watch this video to see us swap out the Best Is Yet To Come design from January to this Love Dwells Here design for February. 

March: St. Patrick's Day Sign with Ikonart Stencils

May the luck o' the Irish be with you when you hang up this Irish Blessing sign in your house. Download our free Irish Blessing SVG and watch this video to see us make this sign using one of our favorite hacks for registering multiple colors, or read our blog post, Tip for Stencil Multiple Colors with Ikonart, if you prefer reading your tutorials.

April: Spring Has Sprung Sign with Ikonart Stencils

Spring is all about blooming possibilities and we love this beautiful wildflowers design that Tracy Lynn Lee drew. Download our free Field of Wildflowers SVG and check out the #wildikonart hashtag in our Ikonart Crafters Facebook Group to see some of the different ways Ikonart crafters have used it. 

May: Happy Mother's Day Sign with Ikonart Stencils

Celebrating all the mothers out there crushing it every single day... you are amazing! Download our free Mom Life Sayings SVG and check out this video to see us make this Mom subway tile as a Mother's Day gift. For more gift ideas for Mom check out our blog post, 20 Mother's Day Gifts To Make With Ikonart

June: Hello Summer Sign with Ikonart Stencils

Summer can't come soon enough here in Duluth, Minnesota! By the time June rolls around we are ready for lake time, popsicles and soaking up that summer sunshine. Download our free Hello Summer Hello Sunshine SVG and watch this video to see us use this design for a reversible sign. 

July: Fourth of July Sign with Ikonart Stencils

Do you decorate for the Fourth of July? If you do, this is the sign for you. Download our free Pledge of Allegiance SVG and watch this video to see me make the sign while I answer questions about DIY chalk paste. 

August: Personalized Wedding Signs with Ikonart Stencils

These wedding signs would make a perfect gift for yourself or for someone else! Download our free Happily Ever After SVG or our free Always Forever Hearts SVG and watch this video to see me make this sign for my brother's wedding. 

September: Fall Bucket List Sign with Ikonart Stencils

Hoodie season is our favorite season! For us Fall is all about bonfires, football, and alllll the chili. What's on your Fall Bucket List? Download this free Fall Bucket List SVG and watch this video to see my trick for applying multiple chalk paste colors to one sign. 

October: Happy Halloween Sign with Ikonart Stencils

It's spooky season and that means time to decorate in all things black, orange and white. Download this free Halloween Boo SVG and watch this video to see me make a similar sign to this using DIY chalk paste. 

November: Thanksgiving Sign with Ikonart Stencils

What are you thankful for? Write down something you are grateful for each day in November and put them in a little jar then read them all on Thanksgiving, or have everyone at your Thanksgiving dinner write down something and read them after dinner. Download this  free Thank You Grateful SVG and watch this video to see us use this same design to wood burn a cutting board with Torch Paste

December: Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays Sign with Ikonart Stencils

Here are two different options for the holidays. Make a personalized Merry Christmas sign or make a countdown to Christmas. Which one would you make? Download our free Merry Little Christmas SVG or get the Santa Christmas Countdown SVG from the Ikonart Design Shop on So Fontsy. Watch this video to see me swap out my sign from my fall bucket list to this Merry Christmas design. 

How To Clean DIY Chalk Paste Off Sign

To clean off my chalk paste I just spray on some water, let it sit for a little bit to soften the chalk paste, then use my mini scraper to scrape off the paste. If I have any staining or areas that are hard to remove, then I use a little bit of Bar Keepers Friend and that takes everything off of this metal sign perfectly. 

Some colors like red tend to stain a little bit more than others, and some acrylic paints also remove easier than others. I like to mix my chalk powder with Anita's Acrylic Paints. I find that brand removes pretty easily. 

Save Space When Storing Home Decor with Ikonart Stencils

So now instead of bins and bins of decor for every holiday and season, I just have this one sign that stays up all year and my flat stencils that I store in binders which barely takes up any space. Check out our blog post, How To Store Ikonart Stencils, for more information on how I store my Ikonart stencils. I also have less clutter with my craft supplies because I don't need to have tubs and tubs of chalk paste in different colors. I just mix Coco's Chalky Powder with my acrylic paints that I also use for other projects. Win win!

If you have any questions about how to make or use Ikonart stencils, please contact us or join our Ikonart Crafters Facebook Group for more project ideas, tips, tricks and troubleshooting help. 

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