• Using Ikonart for your Small Business

    6th Jul 2022

    Using Ikonart for your Small Business

    Shoutout to all the small business owners out there hustling every day turning dreams into reality. We see you! Running your own small business is definitely not easy, but having the right tools ca…

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  • Crafting as a Family

    22nd Oct 2021

    Crafting as a Family

    Denise Rodriguez with West Avenue Crafts makes home décor accessories that are on trend, simple, and enjoyable to make (and to look at!). She recently discovered how easy and rewarding it is t…

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  • Hand Lettered Stencils

    24th Aug 2020

    Hand Lettered Stencils

    Lisa Coles is a hand lettering artist from Batesville, Arkansas. She uses her iPad and the Procreate app to create custom SVG files out of her own hand lettered designs. She then turns those desi…

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  • Finding My Way Back to Ikonart

    21st Jul 2020

    Finding My Way Back to Ikonart

    Cheri Bandt, CEO of The Bandt Life, originally purchased the Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit in May of 2019. At that time she was busy running her brick and mortar DIY workshop studio, Said Yo…

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