Extender Bar for 12"x18" Film

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Our larger stencil films are designed to be used with the Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit, but the kit MUST be modified with this Extender Bar to raise the light up higher. This Extender Bar should be used with the 12"x18" Ikonart Textile Film and the 12"x18" Ikonart Stencil Film.


This Extender Bar is compatible with the metal Ikonart Exposure Stand in the 2.0 and 3.0 kits. Just remove the original shorter bar and replace with this Extender Bar in order to raise the light. You will need to flip the light around so it is not over the base when exposing the large film sheets. Note: If you have the original acrylic Ikonart Exposure Stand with the wider pole please contact us or note it in your order so we can send you a different set of screws. 


Flip the light around so it is facing away from the base. Place your film on a smooth, flat surface so the long edge of your film is parallel with the base of the stand. See pictures above for reference. Expose your film for 1 minute and 40 seconds when using this Extender Bar. Note: You can expose the 10"x12" or 12"x18" sheets with this Extender Bar on your exposure stand. 

After you washout and dry your film, post-expose for 5-6 minutes. Optional: flip the film over halfway through post-exposure so you are post-exposing from both sides of the film (front and back). 

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