11 Last Minute Wood Burned Gift Ideas to DIY with Ikonart

11 Last Minute Wood Burned Gift Ideas to DIY with Ikonart

18th Dec 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and if you're still on the hunt for thoughtful and personalized gifts, we've got you covered. Grab your Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit and Torch Paste, and let's turn ordinary wooden items into cherished keepsakes. 

Here are 11 fantastic last-minute gift ideas that are not only easy to create but also bound to leave a lasting impression.

11 Wood Burned Gifts To Stencil With Ikonart

Whether you're a seasoned crafter or a DIY novice, the combination of Ikonart stencils and Torch Paste makes it a breeze to add a personal touch to your gifts. So, gather your supplies, unleash your creativity, and let the joy of crafting bring a special touch to your holiday celebrations. 

1. Wood Burned Charcuterie Board

Transform a plain wooden charcuterie board into a masterpiece by adding intricate designs with your Ikonart stencils. Whether it's a classic monogram or a pattern that suits their style, this personalized touch will elevate their entertaining experience. You can seal your boards with mineral oil or cutting board oil to make them food safe after burning.

2. Handwritten Recipe Cutting Board

Capture the essence of family traditions by transferring a cherished recipe onto a cutting board. Use your Torch Paste to bring the recipe to life, creating a functional and sentimental piece that will be treasured for years to come. Watch our video, How To Convert A Handwritten Recipe Into An SVG, to learn how to turn your recipe into an Ikonart stencil.

3. Kitchen Decor Wood Sign

Spice up the heart of the home with a customized kitchen decor sign. From witty quotes to personalized messages, the possibilities are endless with Ikonart stencils and Torch Paste. Screen print a matching tea towel to complete the gift. Watch our video, Easy Personalized Wood Cutting Board, for tips on using Torch Paste. 

4. Wood Coasters

Protect surfaces in style with wood-burned coasters. Play with different designs and patterns to create a set that reflects the recipient's taste. These practical yet charming coasters make for a perfect last-minute gift. You can either seal with mineral oil or a clear coat spray. Check out this blog post, Hogwarts Wood Burned Coasters, for a step-by-step tutorial from Artsy-Fartsy Mama.

5. Wooden Spoons

Turn ordinary wooden spoons into functional works of art. Whether you opt for a simple design or something more intricate, these personalized utensils will add a touch of elegance to any kitchen.

6. Noodle Board for Oven

Upgrade the kitchen with a noodle board that doubles as a stovetop cover. Use Ikonart stencils to add a design that complements the recipient's kitchen decor, creating a practical and stylish gift.

7. Personalized Pet Art

Celebrate furry friends by creating personalized pet art on wood. Capture the likeness of their beloved pet, creating a unique and heartwarming gift for any pet owner. Watch our video, How To Stencil Your Pet, for one example of how to turn your pet into an Ikonart stencil. 

8. Favorite Cookie Recipe On Cutting Board with Ingredients to Make the Cookies

Combine the joy of baking with a personalized touch. Use Ikonart stencils to showcase your favorite cookie recipe on a cutting board. Complete the gift by including all the necessary dry ingredients to make the cookies.

9. Wood Round Door Hanger

Welcome guests in style with a wood-burned door hanger. Whether it's a seasonal design or a personalized message, this gift is sure to make a statement and leave a lasting impression.

10. Wood Burned Beer Caddy

Craft a beer caddy that's as unique as their favorite brews. Use Ikonart stencils to add a personalized touch, making this the perfect gift for beer enthusiasts. Whether for picnics or home entertaining, this stylish caddy is sure to be a hit. Watch our video, How To Build A Wood Caddy, for a full step-by-step tutorial. 

11. Santa's Coming Treat Tray

Spread the holiday cheer with a wood-burned treat tray featuring a festive Santa Claus design. Perfect for serving holiday goodies or leaving out cookies for Santa, this charming tray adds a touch of Christmas magic to any celebration.

Incorporating Ikonart stencils and Torch Paste into your last-minute DIY gift ideas adds a personal and artistic touch. Get creative, have fun, and spread the joy of the season with these unique wood-burning projects. If you have any questions about wood burning with Ikonart, please contact us or comment in our Ikonart Crafters Group on Facebook. Happy crafting!

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