Coco's Chalky Powder

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You are no longer limited in your chalk paint or chalk paste color choices! Coco's Chalky Powder is a natural paint additive that, once mixed with any flat latex or acrylic paint, makes a chalk-like paint or paste (depends on how much powder you add) that is perfect for crafting, home décor and antiquing furniture. 

  • Includes 1 bag of Coco's Chalky Powder
  • All natural, contains no VOC's
  • Mix with any flat latex paint to create chalk paint
  • Mix with any acrylic paint to create chalk paste
  • Made in the USA (Cleveland, OH)

To Make Chalk Paint: Mix 4 Tbsp of Coco's Chalky Powder + 2 Tbsp Water + 1 cup of FLAT latex or acrylic paint (1 bag of Coco's Chalky Powder makes 1 quart of chalk paint)
To Make Chalk Paste: Mix 2 Tbsp of Powder + 2 Tbsp of acrylic paint to make a 2 oz jar of chalk paste (adjust the powder-to-paint ratio until you get the consistency you want; different brands of acrylic paint may require different amounts)

The Difference Between Chalk Paint and Chalk Paste

Chalk paint is a furniture paint designed to adhere to surfaces without sanding first. Chalk paint creates a chalky matte appearance and is used for creating an aged or distressed appearance. Chalk paint is a similar consistency to regular house paint and does not work well with stencils because it is too runny and can bleed under the edges of the stencil.

Chalk paste is thicker than chalk paint, which makes it great for stenciling. The thick consistency leaves crisp edges to your stenciled design without needing to worry about bleed. Chalk paste goes on wet, dries hard and easily washes off of nonporous surfaces (like class, chalkboards, ceramic, etc) with water. Chalk paste is the perfect choice to use with your Ikonart Stencils. 

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