Last Minute Easy Halloween Costumes

Last Minute Easy Halloween Costumes

28th Oct 2020

I love a well thought out, elaborate Halloween costume. One year I was the Tin Man and painted my entire body silver. Another year I put my hair in fake dreadlocks and spent an hour on my makeup just to look like Angelina Jolie in Gone In 60 Seconds. But lets be serious, sometimes there's just no time for all that!

If you need a quick and easy last minute Halloween costume, then you've come to the right place. I put together four costume ideas that can be made with just a shirt and an Ikonart stencil in just a few minutes.

Easy Group Halloween Costume: Pumpkin Patch

This group costume is perfect for a group of friends or coworkers. Just grab some orange shirts and some green masks and you are all set!


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Last Minute Couples Costume: Salt & Pepper

I love a good couple costume and this one couldn't be easier. Just add P to a black shirt and S to a white shirt and you are done. Side note: I've gone as Salt in the past and used white mascara on my eyelashes and it makes your eyes look CRAZY. So I recommend doing that as well.


Easy Couples Costume: Black Eyed Peas

If you have two Halloween parties to go to in one weekend you can reuse your "P is for Pepper" shirt and repurpose it into this Black Eyed Peas costume. Just make a second one and you are ready to rock and roll. 


Last Minute Halloween Costume: Blessing in Disguise

I saved the best for last! Who doesn't love a good pun costume? Just add the word "BLESSING" to a black shirt and pair it with a black outfit and black sunglasses. Now that is what I call an easy Halloween costume that is still creative. Nothing beats seeing that AHA moment in someones eye when they get the joke. 


So there you have it! Four super simple costume ideas, all which can accommodate face masks, for that last minute Halloween party you decided to go to but didn't plan for. May you have a safe and fun Halloween this year, whatever you decide to do! 

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