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About IKONART Custom Stencils

After two years in development, IKONART Smart Screen Stencils are FINALLY here! We launched the IKONART Custom Stencil Kit in January of 2019 at Creativation to overwhelming success. As with any new product, we love hearing feedback from our customers and look forward to continued developments within the IKONART line.   

IKONART Smart Screen Stencils and the IKONART Custom Stencil Kit are made and packaged in the USA by the IKONICS Corporation, headquartered in Duluth, Minnesota. IKONICS has over 65 years of experience developing imaging products and technologies.

Why Buy IKONART Stencil Film?

Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd. IKONART Stencil Film is a revolutionary silk screen stencil film that gives you the ability to showcase your unique personality by creating custom stencils that are reusable. The IKONART Custom Stencil Kit allows you to put custom art on a wide variety of surfaces.

Creating custom stencils can be done in three easy steps: print, expose, rinse. Our DIY silk screen stencil film is customizable and reusable. The film features a pressure sensitive adhesive for easy application which allows you to decorate in minutes. We look forward to seeing what you come up with!

Here are some project ideas to get you started:

  • Customize your windows and mirrors for the holidays
  • Create custom chalkboard art
  • Put any quote you want on your walls
  • Make custom wood or pallet signs
  • Paint custom canvasses 
  • Upgrade your home décor
  • Create a fun project for kids
  • Put your logo on a variety of surfaces

Benefits of IKONART Smart Screen Stencils:

  • No more weeding vinyl stencils
  • Create stencils with islands and no bridges 
  • Make custom stencils with fine details
  • Stencil curved surfaces with ease
  • Stencils are reusable (if handled properly)
  • Stencils are repositionable after application
  • Customize your stencil with any artwork you'd like!