Unique Stenciled Cards with Ikonart

Unique Stenciled Cards with Ikonart

20th Sep 2021

Jan Hunter is a scrapbooker and papercraft artist with a knack for specialty cards. In this post, Jan takes us through her process of using the combination of a gel print background, watercolor brush pens, and her Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit to create these one of a kind greeting cards. 

Everyone loves a handmade card. Whether you are creating a one of kind background for a card front or creating a template for multiple use in the future, using stencils opens the “painted surface” to new opportunities that go far beyond layering stamps. The Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit makes it fast and easy to create personalized unique cards for all your friends and family to enjoy. 


Gel print background (here) printed on copy paper

Ikonart Custom Stencil Kit

Design SVG of your choice

SCAL 5 Pro (Gimp, Inkscape or other programs can be used)

Paper trimmer

Low Tack tape (blue painter’s tape)

Watercolor brush (optional)

Water (optional)

Craftwell USA eBrush with adapters

Poetique Refillable Watercolor Brush Pens



Open the SCAL 5 Pro (or other program of your choice) software. Open the

file where you have your stencil design and drag the SVG to the mat. Here you can adjust your size/scale, and make any other changes you would like to your design. Remember that the areas that are filled in black will be the areas that wash out when you expose your print on the stencil film. 

From the File dropdown, choose page setup and select your printer and the paper size. For this project, multiple images are going to be printed at the same time, so US letter should be selected. Make sure that your printer default is set to US letter as well. My printer also needs to have some additional changes made when the printer film is added to the rear tray. Select US letter and Platinum Pro when using transparent film in the rear tray to print.

Select Print in the software File dropdown. Place the printer film in the correct tray for your printer. In the window that opens in SCAL, select Printer, default, and select rear tray, photo media and best quality. Then select Print.


Make your stencils by following the  IKONART Quick Start Guide's instructions for creating the stencils. Expose the stencil film with the images. Wash out your stencil, allow it to dry, and do not forget to post expose your stencil before use.  


Print the background by either using the file provided in the supplies list — or create your own using a gel plate and desired medium(s). The background used here was scanned and printed to a full page of copy paper, then trimmed and cut to 4 x 5.25 inches. 4 card fronts from one sheet of printed paper. Place this background piece on your work surface and gather any other materials you plan to use with the stencils.


Remove the backing from your stencil and place it down on your card front with the textured side facing up. Use a bit of low tack tape to prevent any overspray getting into the other areas of the image. I’m using an airbrush system that uses markers. The  eBrush. It’s a wonderful tool and the adapters accommodate most markers used by crafters. For this project, I’ve selected the  Poetique® Refillable Watercolor Brush Pens. Select the lightest color and seat the marker in the adapter of the eBrush and test the flow of the color. Once you have the marker seated correctly, fill the open sections of the stencil. Add another color marker to the eBrush and repeat. Move the stencil and repeat if desired. For this sample, the stencil was not moved, but sprayed two times with two different shades of green.

Using a different stencil but the same background gives you a different look:

When your background has been completed, you can make a scanned image for future reference* or to print and use in future projects and add additional layers of stenciling. If desired, choose additional stencils to add a sentiment if desired. Mount the image to a mat and then to the card base. Personalize as desired.

Future prints can be made on gessoed card stock, sketch paper, vellum, presentation paper copy paper or even photo paper. Adding additional layers of stenciling will add more texture and depth. The possibilities are endless. Let your imagination take you to the next level of creating.

*The scanned image will become a base layer for future additions, once all the colors are thoroughly dry and the tape has been removed, and signed, the image will be scanned at 300 dpi. This will allow some manipulation of size for future use.

For additional inspiration, feel free to visit Jan’s blog or The Artistry. Happy Crafting!

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